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Wooden Garage Doors

An essential part of the architecture of a house is the Garage doors.As it is the Garage doors we often see first when arriving at a house the Garage doors can be seen as the eyes of the house. Instead of plain Wooden Garage doors add a touch of class with African doors.

Wooden Garage doors made exclusively to fit your style and taste can be a challenge, instead of choosing Standard Garage doors made of various materials, which can be found fairly easily. Wooden Garage doors designed to stand out and especially made for you can be found at African doors.

Since Wooden Garage doors are custom made you will be able to find automatic Garage doors in various shapes and sizes. Garage doors can also be made up to slide, swivel or roll. Your design and need as to how your African doors must open can be taken into consideration when designing them. Your needs can be taken into considerations when designing Wooden Garage doors for caravans and trailers.  We can also custom made other Garage doors for separate entrances.  In order to match the architecture of your house, front doors and side doors can be made up from African doors.


Garage doors can have just about any design carved into them. Either we can put a design together for you or we can use your picture on your Garage doors. Your African doors will be complimented if using different types of wood to complete your design. Looking for Wooden Garage doors with low maintenance and a long durability life?  African doors are your answer since they can be exposed to full sun conditions. When treated regularly and washed your Garage doors will give you years of joy.  When treated regularly your Garage doors will not fade.

When wanting to resell your house your African doors will add value to your house.  Garage doors can make your house appear more valuable and Garage doors will give a person their first impression of your house.  Therefore be prepared with your Garage doors.Enjoy the shopping experience of choosing Garage doors, take your time.  U might want to change the design of your house when seeing the wide variety of African doors available. You might have a new design done around your new Wooden Garage door.  Wooden Garage doors can change your life.

Barn Wooden Garage Doors

The Barn wooden garage door has a very distinctive style about it, due to the handcrafted panels and hinges .

Muizenberg Wooden Garage Doors

The Muizenberg wooden garage door boastes a very modern design, this style is ideal for any home.

Himalaya Wooden Garage Doors

The Himalaya wooden garage door has a certain elegance to it, which will assist with the all round aesthetics of your home.

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